More news…

Last night I was asked to be part of the design team for Designs In Digital!!! I can’t believe the response I have been getting – out of 6 designer calls I applied for, I have been hired by 5 of them and the other call ends on May 27th! I think 6 sites will be my limit to sell at, because they all require forum and challenge participation. I am already having a blast and it seems like my butt has been GLUED to my chair and my fingers to this keyboard for EVER!

Speaking of challenges….

We are getting our groove on over at Scrap Digi Style and today I posted out first challenge EVER – an AD challenge….

Take a look! (it comes with a freebie!) Come and look around and participate in our new challenge – it will be great to meet you all there!

Also, I have been working on some new designs, look for them to be posted here this week!


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