My First Ever Online Chat/Crop!!

Tonight I hosted my first crop on Studio Style Designs site called the “Build a Kit” Crop. I posted a poll with 4 themes for digital scrapbooking kits. All chat participants voted and the winner is “Spoiled Pets”. Then, all chatters gave suggestions for items for me to put in the kit. It was great! I got tons of ideas and now I am off to creative this super new kit! Once it is in the store (hoping for June 15th), then I will post on the forum at SSD that it is ready – all participants that want to can buy the kit, make a page and post it – link back to it in the thread, and I will send them a great kit add-on for free! Oh, and I sent all chatters tonight a great chat freebie!

Hope you did not miss out on the chat tonight, because I gave everyone this freebie:

Magic Tile Paper

This new “Build a Kit” Crop is a monthly event at SSD, so don’t forget to put this on your calendar!!


If you missed this crop – you really missed out on a lot of fun! I have it on the calendar at SSD and in the CROP forum, too.


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