Special Fundraiser @ ScrapProfessor.com!

Hello everyone! Thank you for taking time to read this special message.ScrapProfessor has put together our very first Fundraiser Kit. All proceeds will benefit a Military family of 5 that are struggling beyond words. It’s a heart wrenching story (literally) and I would love to share it with you. You can visit any of the “Always Ready” Collection of Kits pages in our store to read the short version. ScrapProfessor is trying to raise funds for this family as dad is being deployed this week or next week (July 9, 2007 or next week) to Iraq for 13 months. The family desperately needs our help. Mom is only 28 years old and has already had three heart surgeries, and has had a pace maker put in her to help keep her heart beating properly. They need our help for medical bills, food, and rent. Basic stuff. She can’t work, and has the three children to tend to, including the 9 month old baby girl.It is my goal to sell 1000 of the “Always Ready – Entire Collection CDs” to give this family some peace of mind in difficult times… times that most of us would consider to be our worst nightmare.

Click on the photos to see the whole story and the kits in the store! It’s an AMAZING collection that we’ve been working on for over 3 months.

If you were to purchase the entire collection you would end up with:

52 Papers
6 Overlays
6 Alphas
26 “ABC Album Overlays”
16 Quickpages
421 Elements. (Yeah, 421 elements!)

Buy the whole collection on CD and save $10 off the individual costs. PLUS, if you do buy the CD you’re automatically entitled to get our “ScrapPassion” kit FREE on CD as well!

Always Ready – The ENTIRE Collection on CD:

Always Ready – Red White and Blue:

Always Ready – Military:

Always Ready – ABC Album Overlays:

Always Ready – Quickpage Album:

Thank you for looking and for helping if you can. You have no idea what this means to this family.

Here are previews to this MEGA MEGA MEGA MEGA MEGA sized kit that will do 1000 times more than MEGA GOOD!! As you can see, this kit is worth EVERY penny! Not all elements/papers/details are shown here. You need to click the photos above to see it all.



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