New Blog Prompt Thread at!

I started a new thread over at Designs In Digital for all bloggers who need prompts:

Today’s prompt is – Your closest childhood friend – what was she like?

My closest friend, Mikey (Michele), was my friend from the day we moved to California in 1971 (I was 8 yrs old) until the day she died in 1979. She and I were inseperable and were at each other’s house every day. She was a tomboy like me and so we all called her Mikey instead of Michele. She was so beautiful; long brown hair, brown eyes, tanned skin and loved the outdoors and all animals very much. She was the youngest child in her family and I was second to the youngest. She was a year older than me, but we were in the same grade. We rode horses almost everyday during the summers and she taught me a lot about riding. It seemed like she was always getting hurt, but shrugged it off most of the time. I looked up to her, and her older sisters, and we spendt all our time together. Then, at the young age of 18, she died of brain cancer, leaving behind her beautiful baby girl, Rochele. I miss her still after 29 years and she will always be a part of my life. My oldest daughter’s middle name is Michelle, in honor of my best friend…..


5 thoughts on “New Blog Prompt Thread at!

  1. Mikey sounds like a great friend, and what a sad thing that she died so young and with a baby girl.. just tragic. Did you have any photos of her?

  2. Sometimes the friends who are with us for the smallest times, make the biggest impact.
    Thanks for the topic. It took me back to my childhood and to some wonderful memories.

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