Today’s Blog Prompt….

What would you do with an extra $100 a week?

Well, to start off, I would be able to pay off some lingering bills that have been around for a while! Then, when those are payed off, I would be able to buy some of the things listed on my Kaboodle list!! Always buying scrapping things, isn’t that pathetic? Then, I would go to the mall and buy me a new pair of shoes!!! Maybe even visit a day spa to pamper myself!!!

Then, after I’m done being selfish for a few weeks, I would help my DD with setting up her nursery for the new baby coming in January, and hepl my son with his schooling. After a few months of spending, I would just put it all in a savings account!!!


3 thoughts on “Today’s Blog Prompt….

  1. Sounds like you would have quite a few weeks of fun before you ran out of things to spend it on!! Good idea to start saving though… $100 a week would add up quickly.

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