Blog prompts (the last 2)

Well, I have been having some computer issues here so I have not posted my blog prompts in a timely manner, so here goes for the last 2!


What do you sense you’re supposed to do before your life is over?

Well, I think my greatest role here on earth is to be a mother and a teacher, to make the lives of others better, to ensure that all five of my children and their children are made better and richer because of the things I have taught them or have done for them. I love my children more than anything in the world, and I continue to seek opportunities to enrich their lives by exposing them to creative arts, helping them develop talents, teaching them to share and help others, etc. This is one of my goals in life, to make sure that others come first. I know that God uses people to do his works, and to tend to others in need. The feeling I get from doing service for others is one of the best feelings ever. I want my children to feel that way, too, or at least know the feeling of helping others.


What are 2 everyday items you can’t live without?

Wow – I would have to say my computer and my car. Without those 2 items, I would feel totally cut off from the rest of the world! Actually, they are the 2 items that I use the most – everyday – and now I feel like a spoiled brat for bringing it up… The only other thing I can think of not being able to live without is my bathroom!!!


3 thoughts on “Blog prompts (the last 2)

  1. The bathroom is definitely an essential! Even better would be one that doesn’t have to be shared by three boys *sigh* And what a worthy goal you mentioned – to put others first. A great thing for everyone to aim for… I’ve enjoyed reading your catch-up posts Joy!

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