Catching up!

I have been working so hard to catch up and finish some kits – and all the while, my computer has been so very slow! Tonight I will have my newest kits finished and uploaded into my stores!

Blog prompts…

Today (8-14-07)

My favorite holiday here in the US is the 4th of July, which is our Independence Day. I love the festivities which include fireworks, barbecues, beach parties, all day fun, usually getting a sunburn, sitting around the fire ring at the beach, etc. I love the feeling of patriotism that surrounds the whole day. This year, we went to the Padre’s baseball game in San Diego and after the game, we watched the fantastic fireworks show, synchronized to patriotic music. I always cry when I hear that music, because my dad was the most patriotic person I know, and I miss him so much. He loved all that wonderful music as well as the holiday itself. No one can ever take this holiday away from me, because it is a part of my heritage and it is the foundation of our country.

Yesterday (8-13-07)

My favorite job would have to have been when I worked at a pharmaceutical company. I was a computer programmer and worked specifically on the robotic system in the lab. I loved learning about science and doing the practical application of science along with computers. The robot was a challenge, but I learned so much and had so much fun. That job paid very well, I made a lot of great people, learned so much, but the drawbacks were the long commute and being away from my family for so long each day. I stayed there for 2 1/2 years before I decided that I needed to be home with the kids.


2 thoughts on “Catching up!

  1. the 4th was going to be my answer too but i went with christmas it is just a happy day for my little ones and that makes me happy:)that sounds like a great job joy and ooooh so excited to see your new kit:)tfs

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