What is my very first memory?

I believe I was 2 years old and every-time my family would come for a visit, I would hold out my hand and they would give me coins. I remember walking around the room with my hand stretched out receiving coins from everyone. They would all just laugh and laugh at me as I got excited about the money. I also had 4 older brothers who would tease me endlessly, so I remember a lot of times when they would swing me around, toss me back and forth, take me for rides on their bikes, sit me at the piano and tell me to play, all the things like that. I also vividly remember the day my mom brought my baby sister home from the hospital, I had just turned 2 and all of a sudden, all the attention was on her… hey – wait a minute… what about me??? From that day on, most of the attention was on here until around my pre-teen years, then it seemed that I was pretty spoiled after that. I have memories of long car trips when I would sit in my makeshift car seat on the way to visit my grandparents from Phoenix, AZ to Scottsdale, AZ… seems like days to me, but it was only about an hour or so drive….

Thanks for the blog prompt, Cherie (Cherie Shields from Designs In Digital)


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