My favorite pet (blog prompt for today)

I have had many pets throughout my life, but my first pet was a dachshund named Butchy. We had him for years before he was hit by a car and died. Then, I had a few cats here and there, and when I was 12, we got a German Shepard named Molly. She was the best dog I’ve ever known. She love kids and would play very gently with all of us. She was still a great watchdog, though. Years later, after we were married, we continued to get German Shepards. We’ve had 4; Maile, Pele, Kahuna, and a police dog of my husbands from work. We don’t have a dog at the moment, as our last dog died 3 years ago. It’s been hard to think about getting another dog since then. We have had a few other pets that belonged to my grandson, though; 2 hamsters, 2 lizards and numerous fish. It’s just been quiet here without a pet for the last year. Maybe it’s time to think about adding another one to the family.

Thanks for the blog prompt, Cherie (Cherie Shields from Designs In Digital)


7 thoughts on “My favorite pet (blog prompt for today)

  1. We have 3 German Shepherds and I agree – they’re the best dogs! They’re very protective of us, our home, etc – but gentle as can be when the baby is around. They are true members of our family – my MIL referred to them as her “grand-dogs” before our little girl arrived! lol

  2. Joy, you know every time I see that pic of you on the side I just think, she is just so pretty! You are and you have such a gorgeous smile! Just had to tell you that!

    My kids are dying for a pet but they will have to wait until we move out of the apartment. And one that won’t make me sneeze. LOL Maybe a maltese again. I love them.

  3. my uncle had a gorgeous german shepherd when we were kids. He was such a beautiful dog. so gentle and good with kids. I have a boxer. Shes a naughty, cheeky little bugger but i love her to death. Even if she has attitude, doesnt listen, licks everything…..etc. LOL

  4. WOW! I can’t believe how close our stories are about pets. And we are considering a German Shepherd as our next dog as DS is now a police officer. Can’t believe how hard it is to heal from our pets. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Your German Shepherds sound like great dogs, I didn’t realise they were so gentle. We’ve just gotten a new kitten after a few years without a pet and it’s really fun – though she is naughty at times – she fits right in! LOL

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