My Dream Vacation!

Great topic!  Thanks for the blog prompt, Cherie (Cherie Shields from Designs In Digital)

I need a vacation so bad… First, I would click on the “Pay-Cations” page on my blog so I could go to my very own travel booking website and book my travel for a discount price! Then, I know exactly where I would go, especially if money and time were no problems for me…

You see, there is a World Cruise, for 62 days, that starts in Iceland, cruises down the east coast of Canada, United States, around the Caribbean for a week, through the Panama Canal, down the west coast of South America, to the Antartica!!! Can you just imagine what fun this would be!!! I could sure get use to having my food prepared for me and my cabin cleaned for me daily and have no worries, except maybe what I am going to eat or wear for the day! I would take the most fantastic pictures and have my laptop with me so I could scrap in the down times. I would have my family with me, and I hope they would all be able to come with me for that long! We would have the big cabins with decks and ocean views, and live like kings and queens for 2 months!

What a fantastic way to see the world! And when we are ready to go on another vacation, we would take a cruise around the other half of the world, Asia, Polynesia, Australia….. Ah, what a life it would be!


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