How many houses have you lived in… (blog prompt for 8/20)

Wow – this got me thinking! I will start with the first home I ever lived in –

#1 –  in Phoenix, Arizona on 32nd avenue. That’s where my family lived a few years before I was born up until I was 6

#2 – then we moved to Wilmington, North Carolina for 2 years, in a beautiful home on a very large lot with a forest behind us.

#3 – Then we moved to Mentor, Ohio, as my dad had to get a new job. We lived in a large, old haunted house, with only 1 bathroom and 8 of us! It was fun, though!

#4 – then after just 9 months, we moved to Santee (San Diego) California, (1970) and my mother still lives in the same house! I moved out when I got married though….

#5 – my 1st husband and I moved into a small home in Clairemont (still in San Diego county) for only 3 months… ugh

#6 – Then we moved in with his parents (double ugh) in University City (still in San Diego county) for about 6 months until they moved to Hawaii and begged us to come with them. So…..

#7 – We moved in with his uncle in Kailua, Hawaii until we found our own apartment 3 months later…

#8 – We lived in Hawaii Kai for about 6 months until my ex decided he did not want to be married any more…. (triple ugh)

#9, #10, #11, #12 – back to mom’s in Santee, back to Hawaii, back to Mom’s house, back to Hawaii (sorry – story is too long to tell here!)

#13 – OK – back to Santee – but in our own apartment until 1984 – until we got a divorce in 1986 – then….

#14 – back to mom’s (ugh) It was nice, though, to have a built-in babysitter!

#15 – My very first apartment as a single person!!! Until 1989, when I remarried (to the RIGHT person!)

#16 – We outgrew our 2 bedroom apt – so we moved to El Cajon into a 3 bedroom townhouse.

#17 – Moved back in with mom so we could save to buy a house (only 8 months!)

#18 – YAY – we bought our very first house! Lakeside, California – 4 bedroom, 2 baths, 1,350 square feet of house. We lived here for 11 years until the neighborhood was getting run down and we felt inclined to move into a larger home in a nicer area!

#19 – Finally!!! My current home – We moved to Murrieta, California in 2002, to our very large 5 bedroom, 4 bathrooms, 3,732 square feet home – we love it here and hope to stay here for a long time – at least until we are empty-nesters!!!


3 thoughts on “How many houses have you lived in… (blog prompt for 8/20)

  1. You sure have moved a lot, loved reading your post it was very entertaining although I suppose it wasn’t so humerous when you’re actually living it. You current house looks gorgeous. TFS

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