Humpday Hunnies Freebie! (and some blog prompts…)

And that means a New Freebie! So, to continue with the whole “Humpday Hunnies” theme as stated below, please check the other designer’s blogs that are playing along, too, for their great freebies!

Kristine, Heather, Bunny, Lynn, Teriann and Sondra

Here is a peek at this week’s freebie:

Hope you like it!!! OK – now on to catching up with the blog prompts from DID

8/22…. Today we are supposed to show our favorite layout – something we have created that we are proud of… here is mine: (click on it to see it larger)

It is my favorite because it brings out how much I love my son, and how proud I am of him. I worked on this LO for such a long time – I think it was a whole two week s – trying to get it just perfect.

8/21…. Something in the room that is good, bad, and curious… I choose the big plastic container of photos and mementos sitting behind me… GOOD – well it contains so many photos that I need to scrap, wonderful photos of the past 20 years or so that I have been placing photos as I find them around the house. Not to mention the other 10 boxes of photos in my hall closet… ugh… the BAD – well, it has been staring me down for years, begging me to pay more attention to it, begging me to dive right in and have a go at scrapping each and every photo and souvenir, not caring if I have the time or energy, sort of haunting me… double ugh! the CURIOUS – I’m not even sure what exactly is in there… kind of scared to take a look actually! I don’t know if it has happy, sad, or other connotations, so I am quite curious as to what I will find in this large box of “stuff… oh well, might as well put it off some more….


3 thoughts on “Humpday Hunnies Freebie! (and some blog prompts…)

  1. Great layout Joy, that’s what scrapping is all about, sharing what the stories and thoughts behind the photos. 20 years of photos – makes me tired just thinking about. You could get lost in there.

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