Thanks to all who have visited my store @ Digital-Scrapbooking.Org for my latest freebie!!! I’m sure hoping you all like it and come back to the store for the complete kit!!!

BUT – it has been brought to my attention that the frame shown in the preview was missing from the zip file that was uploaded to the store. The problem has now been fixed, frame added, re-zipped, re-uploaded to the store, and ready for you all to go and re-download.  (see blonde hair at right!)

I am so sorry that this blonde brain of mine forgot to add the frame into the zip file, but sometimes we blondes are out there having more fun than we should be…. A special thanks to Theresa for letting me know about this boo boo and I have a special gift for all those who have downloaded my new Kindness freebie. Here is a piece from the complete Kindness kit:

Enjoy…. and please let me know if you like the freebie…. I will make more freebies that match my kits!


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