On Vacation!!

This week I am visiting my son and new daughter-in-law at the new home in Utah.

Here is my travelogue so far:

I left Saturday morning @ 6:00 am, filled up with gas and drove from my home in Murrieta, CA all the way to Orem, UT in my son’s little Mitsubishi Lancer. It was filled with wedding presents from their reception in April and his big screen TV was in the back seat, so my suitcase barely fit in the front passenger’s seat.

I got great gas mileage and only stopped a few times to fill  up with gas, but really only topped it off each time. I stopped in Baker, CA, Las Vegas, NV, St. George, UT (and had lunch there), and a little town 20 miles south of Provo all to get gas. I did great time, and arrived in Orem at 4:00 pm CA time, so really, 5:00 pm – but that’s because I only stopped for a few minutes each time.

We went to IHOP for dinner and then back to his new house to watch TV. He also had a party for his work and they gave away all kinds of prizes, just like the Price is Right, and he won $1,200 worth of camping gear and a Nintendo Wii game set. He already has one, so he is giving it to his younger brother and sister (he is so sweet!)

Sunday, we got up early and went to church. WOW – there are so many kids at their church – like the ratio must be 2 kids to each adult…. so it was rather noisy during the meeting. We came home and had lunch, then watched a movie and his wife made a great dinner – chicken enchiladas YUM! Then I went to bed around 11 pm because I am such a wimp that I can’t stay up late anymore!

Today (Monday) after breakfast, we went shopping at the mall, Walmart & Costco to get some things they needed for their new house. We had lunch at the Tahitian Noni Juice Cafe – it was really good – I had the curry chicken rice bowl – loved it! We drove up to Squaw Peak to the lookout to see the city from very high and it was so beautiful. I did not have my good camera with me, only my phone, so here are the photos I took:

It was pretty windy and cold up there, but so dang beautiful!!

Then, we went shopping around again and came home to play his new video game. He also let me drive his new car, a Mitsubishi Evolution, that has been modified to be a racing car. WOW – I could not believe the power that car has and how fast it can go!!! It really freaked me out at first, but was fun to drive! Then, we ate a great dinner made by my DIL and then watched a movie before we all crashed for the night.

So, I am having a blast and won’t be flying home until Thursday night. Today we are going to the doctor for my DIL’s first ultrasound. Their baby is due in April!!! YAY!!!

See you tomorrow – I will have a new freebie if I get a chance to make one today!


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