Humpday…. Sorry, no freebie yet…. :(

Well, it has been a tiring week with all the fires surrounding my family here in Southern California. I spent my birthday just watching all the chaos on TV and talking to my poor family members who have been evacuated. None of them could get up here to my house because of the road closures. Talk about  hectic! The saddest thing is that almost 1,500 homes have burned to the ground and the fire was coming up over the hill towards my house last night. Thank goodness the winds shifted!

My mom even fell and broke her hand, as her home is filled up with 13 people who can’t get back to their homes in Ramona yet. What a depressing birthday, as I was very sick with my asthmatic bronchitis due to the smoke here. I am going in to the doctors this morning to get a new inhaler and I feel bad because I did not get a chance to make a new freebie for today. Hopefully I can get one made tonight!

Try and have a great day….


2 thoughts on “Humpday…. Sorry, no freebie yet…. :(

  1. oh I’m so sorry to hear about the fires and that you and your family is there 😦 I have seen it on the television here, it’s so sad. You and your family will be in my thougts.

    take care, and don’t think of freebies and stuff like that, think of you self and your family. it’s first priority.

    take care

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