New Humpday Freebie!

Happy Wednesday – I have a new freebie for you. I am really trying to get into the holiday spirit – I LOVE Christmas time, but it’s hard this year because we are MOVING throughout the month of December! UGH…. I hate moving, but we are only moving a mile away into a newer, larger home. We have been living in our current home (3,732 sf) since it was built in April of 2002 and have customized it to our liking and it’s beautiful! We have put in the most beautiful hardwood floor on the entire first floor and they are dark walnut – so pretty! We have also added a built-in wall unit of cabinets in the family room, shelving in the library, custom pain in every room, black granite counter tops, 3 sets of french doors, an intercom system and cat 5 wiring, built-in surround sound, a jacuzzi tub in the master bath, … etc. – so it’s really hard to leave this home! When we moved here, we had our 3 youngest kids still at home, and then a few months later, my oldest daughter and her son moved back in with us, so we had a full house! Then, last year my middle son moved out and bought a home in Utah, and my daughter has moved to San Diego, so we only have the 2 youngest still at home and they are both in high school.

Our ultimate plan is to retire to Hawaii when our youngest graduates in 3 years, so this move is temporary. We are moving into a slightly larger home (4,006 sf) that is already customized – so there won’t be any work to do! I am excited because it already has custom paint, granite countertops throughout, very expensive carpet, wood and tile flooring, cat 5 wiring, a large patio out back with a fire pit, and it’s already landscaped, so we won’t have to put any money into it!

Here is a photo of our current home:


Here is our new home:

Keep in mind that most homes in Southern California are really close together…. oh well, it’s still a great home!

OK – now on to the freebie!!! I was trying to get myself in the holiday spirit so here are some cute glittery snowflakes!

Click on the image above to get the freebie!

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Have a great day!!!


13 thoughts on “New Humpday Freebie!

  1. Oh wow, I think I need to come live with you! lol Or at least move into your old house. lol I know what you mean about moving in Dec, my husband & I moved in Dec 2003 (I was 8 months pregnant) & Dec 2004. Might be moving again THIS Dec. *sigh*
    Thanks bunches for the great snowflakes!

  2. Thanks so very much for the adorable snowflakes!!! Nice looking houses!!
    I live in British Columbia, Canada and the houses are either getting smaller or larger and closer together. Some of the houses are soooooo darn close you can jump from roof top to roof top if you have to….sooooo nice if there is a fire *rolls eyes* I really don’t know how any fire inspectors can pass the inspections like that.
    Thanks again Joy. :o)

  3. Thanks for the lovely snowflakes they are really pretty, thank you. It’s fascinating to hear all about your home. What I don’t understand is why would you ever want to leave your first home it sounds idyllic.

    We moved into our home 17 years ago and I could never imagine leaving it. I would be leaving behind too many happy memories. I love my garden as much as my house, every plant reminds me of the exact moment it was given or bought.

    Good luck in you beautiful new home, my advice is to just keep thinks simple and remember the things that really matter, which is family.


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