What’s going on?

If you have been trying to get onto the Digital-Scrapbooking.Org site for a few days, I’m sure you’ve noticed that it is offline. Due to high traffic, the server kicked us off for exceeding our quota! Imagine that, we get a lot of traffic, and the host kicks us off! What the heck – Bunny has paid them so much dang money and they are treating us like we are strangers! Don’t people understand what being a “Scrap-a-holic” is like and the need to feed the addiction? If they did, they wouldn’t have booted us out of our site!!! At least the blog is still there and the store…..

So for now, the site is being moved to another, bigger, server and hosting company. It should be just a few days, but here is a quote from Bunny, our site owner, “We are experiencing some technical difficulties with our webhosts.  They have been bought out by a new company, and the new companies changes are reeking havoc on our site.  Please note I am working to resolve the problem as soon as I can.  The gallery and forum will be closed until I can get the issue resolved.”

So, be patient, scrap some of your beautiful photos, and keep trying until you can get back on the site. If you are really addicted and just can’t stay away, head on over to the SHOP and grab up some great kits to feed your addiction! The store is still open!!!!!

“In other news”…. check out The Daily Scrapper – the new issue comes out today, this afternoon, and my new article should be in there!!! Leave a comment on the article and check out the whole entire paper – it’s INCREDIBLE!!! Alice has really gone out of her way to make it a fabulous resource for scrappers!

CALL: Please send me some of your treasured 4th of July photos; friends, family, celebrations, parades, picnics…. so I can post them on The Daily Scrapper!!!

For each person that sends me their photos, I will have a special freebie for you!


5 thoughts on “What’s going on?

  1. ugh – i hate server issues! I get very agitated if my own site, as well as all the ones I visit on a daily basis are not up and running smoothly. It’s got to be that “instant gratification” mentality that all we digi scrappers have!

  2. Wow, what a bummer about being kicked offline! I know how bandwidth is though, and since we’ve been growing, I’m going to change our hosts this weekend myself!

    Good luck in getting everything taken care of, I know Bunny will take care of ya’ll!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I love that new mag, what a wonderful informative piece, ehh! Sorry to hear about the other blog that bites when you can’t get in to your favorite place:(

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