NEW blog challenge @ DSO!

Each week we will be posting a new blog challenge – the DSO Dosies (pronounced DOO-ZIES)!!!

This is our first week, and we want to see your home town!

Check out the gorgeous layouts on our DSO blog!

Here is mine:

San Diego

Show us your layout with photos of your home town, and you will be receiving this incredible posting gift made especially for this challenge by Bunny:

DSO Dosie Template 01


3 thoughts on “NEW blog challenge @ DSO!

  1. I love your hometown layout! It could easily pass for a travel ad. Thank you for your comment on my blog, and to answer your question I spent most of the afternoon of the 4th putting that LO together LOL.

  2. LOVE your layout Joy! It’s been fun getting to learn more about ya lately. I love the San Diego temple….. SOOOOO gorgeous! Your layout is wonderful…. this could easily be a promotion in a professional travel brochure or something! ‘Sign me up to go!’ LOL!

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