Well, IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!! The Re-Opening of DSO and it’s HUGE!!!! All products are 50% off (except for bargain bin) and there are lots of new goodies!!!


OK – WOW…. Come and check out our BRAND NEW SITE!!!! The looks is new, the forum is new, the gallery is new, the whole site is AMAZING!!!! This is a NEW BEGINNING for our site and we are SOOOO PROUD of the changes!!! Don’t miss the sale, either, cause it’s over on the 12th!!!

Come visit the site and check out the sale, register in the forum and join in on the AWESOME challenges to earn this FREE MEGA KIT:

Mega Kit

Just complete all 14 challenges for the month of July, and you will receive this complete kit!!! It’s fabulous and bursting at the seams with AWESOMENESS!!!! Don’t wait until the end of the month, though, because you won’t have enough time!!! If you do miss out, the kit is on sale NOW for only $10.00!!!! WHAT A BARGAIN!!!!


To celebrate our RE-OPENING!!!!! We are having a BLOG HOP with FREEBIES from each designer!!!!! Don’t miss out on this AWESOME KIT made just for this MOMENTOUS OCCASSION!!!! We named this kit “Scrap Journal” to match the new look of our site!!! Check each of the following blogs to get another FREE mini-kit!!!

There are now more than 65 papers guys, over 100 elements! Β …and Shannon is doing some BB pages too!!!

Here is the preview:

Scrap Journal1

Scrap Journal2

Scrap Journal3

Scrap Journal4

Isn’t this FREEBIE just INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! Here is my contribution – (LINK REMOVED)

Enjoy, and don’t forget to visit the rest of the designer’s blogs for the other pieces of this HUGE kit!!!! These freebie kits are up for a FEW DAYS ONLY!!! So, hop on over to all the blogs before its GONE!!!

Andrea Dickinson
Beth Long
Boo Silva
Doodle LT
Holey Cow
Kim Broedelet + Jazzy
LJ Crochet
LPand3 Dogs
Luisa Potter
Melanie Ann
Nikki Fabulous
RC Mama

See you at DSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


51 thoughts on “SALE @ DSO & HUGE FREEBIE!

  1. i am not sure why i cannot comment on the other sites (thru blogger) and have been leaving my comments on 4shared but glad i can get thru on this one!! just have to THANK YOU so very much for getting together and sharing this INCREDIBLE kit! i LOVE the colors and designs and am having such a good time blog hopping! lol BIG HUGS for all you WONDERFUL ladies do!! hope you have a GREAT day, you ALL sure made mine! πŸ˜€

  2. Holey Cow! Thank you so much for sharing! This is an AWESOME collaboration. Because I think you DSO ladies are super special, I gave you some BIG…♥"Link Love"♥…today on my blog. Have a WONDERFUL day!!
    Suzee Q’s Stuff

  3. Hello there, this collab kit is gorgeous!! Thanks so much! However, I am having trouble finding where I’m supposed to download your part from (i feel like such a goof). It says click on the picture to download… but the picture is not there. Can someone help me, please? =)

  4. hello, me again.. lol. I just viewed the source of the page and found the link that way. It’s probably just one of those temporary internet glitches where some of the pics don’t show. Thanks again for your GORGEOUS part of this kit!

  5. I’ve found freebie heaven. this is an awesome kit. appreciate your talents and labors. can’t wait to unzip & play. tyfs

  6. I cannot see your part of the mega. Could you email me the link. I am a newbie at digital scrapbooking and I am in awe of your talents. Thanks!!!

  7. Thank you so much for your beautiful contribution to this lovely kit. Congratulations on the re-opening of the store, and thanks to all of you for your creativity and generosity.

  8. Hi! Thanks for you contribution to the kit – Like others, I had to view the source in order to find the link. It looks like you did not enclose the image with the proper link, instead sending people to view the preview at photobucket.

  9. Thank you to you and all the ladies for this beautiful Mega Kit. I too am having trouble downloading your portion though and would really love to have it to go with the rest. When I click on the image it only takes me to another preview image. Am I doing something wrong??? Your designs are beautiful. Thank you again.

  10. I can’t get a clickable image either-or rather, it goes straight to photobucket~ I hate to miss your share of this beautiful kit!

  11. Thank you so much. You guys at DSO are amazing! I was having trouble with your portion, but looked at the source as another poster suggested. I hope it is ok if I post the site for others with difficulty.

  12. No one else seems to be having trouble, but I don’t see your freebie peek OR your portion of the kit, so I can’t click it! From what everyone else says it sounds marvelous! I’ll check back, and I hope I can see it then!! I can see the red, white, and blue mega kit, just not your pink freebie! Can’t wait to see it!

  13. Thanks for your part of this wonderful kit, it is much appreciated.

    On a separate note, please go to the download and see what the “related” links are that are shown..they are pornographic. I am sure that you would not want those next to your download.

  14. thanks for your part in the mega kit, it’s great, love the tabbed divider. Great layout on San Diego, visited once and it’s a great area.

  15. Something about Firefox refuses to show the preview…there’s just nothing there and no link to click on. I tried with Safari and it popped right up.

    This kit is totally awesome. You all are very talented and generous! Thank you!

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