Say Goodbye to the Sale & free kit… :(

We had a FANTASTIC sale at DSO over the weekend and there were of 2,570 downloads of my contribution to the free kit!!! WOW! I sure hope that you all like it and make a layout with it! If you do, please post it and send me the link so I can see and give you some love!!! I hope you took advantage of the sale at DSO, too, as there were some AWESOME deals and gorgeous kits! If you missed downloading the HUGE kit “SCrap Journal”, it will soon be for sale at DSO in the store!!!

The site has greatly improved with all the changes and it’s so much fun to hang out there in the forum, too – so if you haven’t played in the new challenges yet, go on over and check out my “Ad Challenge” for July…. Here is my posting bonus – it’s a new addition to my “Gardener” series:

DON’T FORGET – if you complete all 14 challenges, you will get the “Traditional Independance” kit for FREE!!!! It’s the biggest MEGA kit we have ever offered up for FREE!!!! The challenges are fun and easy and you will end up with our MOST POPULAR mega kit – so hurry on over and check it out!

On another note….

I’ve been published AGAIN!!!! YAY!!!! WOO HOOO!!!!!! My newest article is now the front page article of “The Daily Scrapper” – an online newspaper for digiscrappers – go check it out and read all about “Scrapaholics”!!! There are so many great articles in this issue and even some freebies!


One thought on “Say Goodbye to the Sale & free kit… :(

  1. Congrats on your AWESOME article Joy!!!! I went over right away to read it….. you are a WONDERFUL writer! So fun to read all about our ‘addiction’ to this hobby! Looks like you really did your research too. Lovely word art BTW. You are one TALENTED chickadee!

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