First Blog Award!!

YAY!!! I received my very first “Blog Award” today from Livia!!!

And now it’s my turn to present it to 7 people:

  1. LJ Crochet
  2. LPand3 Dogs
  3. Luisa Potter
  4. Melanie Ann
  5. Nikki Fabulous
  6. RC Mama
  7. Teriann Hanks

I chose designers from DSO whose blogs are AWESOME!!! So, now you can all present this award to 7 more people and enjoy some blog hopping!!!


9 thoughts on “First Blog Award!!

  1. HI there,
    just stopping by on the DSO blog train. Congratulations on your award, always nice to see! I have just visited the Daily Scrapper – I LOVE your article there! And yes, I am addicted, only today my Mum said “Well, I know now, why you don’t get any housework done!” Oops, she found me out!
    Bye 4 now

  2. Congrats on the award! I agree that the DSO designers are some of the best out there and not just because I CT for two of them! If I had the time, I’d apply to everyone! LOL

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