50% OFF SALE @ DSO – Just for Jazzy’s Cause!

Dear Friends,

Yesterday one of our design team members and friend, Jazzy, suffered a great loss.  Her grandson, who was only 16, passed away.  It has only been a few months since her daughter passed away as well.  We are all so sad for everything Jazzy has had to go through these last few months.  You can read more about Andrews life, by reading this touching forum post she made at http://www.scrapbookmax.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4426&highlight=Jazzieal a while back. 

For those of you who do not know Jazzy, she is one of the sweetest kindest ladies I have ever been blessed to meet.  She is a little further on in years, and lives on a very limited income.  We, the designers at DSO, do not want her to have to worry about coming up with money to pay her bills at this time.  She has so much on her plate already.  In an effort to do “what we can” to help her, we are having a ONE DAY ONLY SALE.  Most of our team are participating in the sale (which INCLUDES Commercial Use and Mega kits) and 100% of the proceeds from todays sale will be sent to Jazzy.  If you would like to put a message to Jazzy in the comment block during checkout, I will gladly include your name on the card that will be sent to her with the money raised.  Any messages will be printed and included as well.  



If you would like to donate instead of buy,  you can send funds thru paypal to support@digital-scrapbooking.org   please put FOR JAZZY on the transfer, and your name will be included in the card as well as any message.

If you would like to just leave her a message, to let her know she is in your thoughts her blog is http://wordstodelite.blogspot.com/  and we also have made her a post in the forum Prayer Request….

Please take advantage of this one day sale, and help us help her.
We appreciate your business ALWAYS.

Thanks for your patronage – you guys are the best customers int he world!


4 thoughts on “50% OFF SALE @ DSO – Just for Jazzy’s Cause!

  1. I don’t know Jazzy but I’m so sorry for her tragic loss! Your support of her is admirable and I pray that you will have great success with the sale.

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