I’m back!

Hi everyone, I’m back from the YTB convention that was held in St. Louis! We had a great time although it was hot and steamy! We spent most of our time indoors in a very cold air conditioned building! The convention was held at the Edward Jones Dome which is where the St. Louis Rams football team plays their home games. There were also 3 days of classes before that held in the convention center next door. I should have brought a sweater, but thought I would be hot the whole time! The classes were great, but the big convention opener on Friday was so AWESOME! There were 22,000 people attending and talk about crowded!!!! It was a challenge to walk through the hallway between classes even though the hallways were very large!

They had a replica made of the statue of liberty that was only 13 feet shorter than the original and it was unveiled at the opening ceremonies (to watch awesome short video, click that link and then click the video on the right) along with some patriotic songs and a choir – whew! It was so great – see photo below:

We also went to see the St. Louis arch and took lots of photos of that… funny story about the arch – we were going to go up to the top and when we were boarding the little pods that take you up there, I had a panic attack and couldn’t breathe. It was the smallest little metal pod with 5 seats and no windows and I stepped inside to sit down and when the other 4 of us got in, I felt the walls closing in around me and the air being sucked out of my lungs. This has never happened to me before, and the next instant I found myself outside of the pod looking in and telling my husband that I can’t do it. He jumped out too, and we went up stairs to get our money refunded. I was still not breathing normally and had to use my inhaler. It took me about an hour until I felt my chest relax. When our 3 friends returned from the top, they told me that it was very crowded up at the top and it is a very small space with tiny windows and it was really hot in there. I think I would have died if I went to the top!

Below is a photo looking up at the super tall arch:

Below is a photo of the scary-small pods:

We had a great time, though, but coming home was the best part!


3 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Great pics..looks like a fun time..I’m like you, I would have just admired the arc from the ground..LOL
    They say coming home is the best part of going away and I always find that true myself..glad you are back safe and sound and had a good time

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