December Ad Challenge @ DSO!

This month, the inspiration is this ad from Target for Christmas. I received this email and just loved the look of this ad! I love the colors, the fabulous title, the way the background image fades into white, the rounded corners, the ribbon across the top corner, the way the text is all on one side, and the red gifts! Choose one or two things from this ad that inspire you and give it a go!!


1. Use anything from this ad – colors, angles, title, whitespace … anything that inspires you! Go for it! 
2. You must STATE in your layout description what it was in the ad that inspired your layout, and how you used that inspiration.
3. Please post by December 31st and post it to any gallery (our gallery will be closed until January 1st) and link it back to this thread.

When you post a link to your layout in this thread, I will send you a link to your posting gift shown here:


I hope to see lots of gorgeous layouts this month!!! You could really use this posting gift to scrap your Christmas layouts next month!!


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