Project 365



What is a Project 365? In this case it involves me taking (at least) one picture every day for the next year and posting it to my new Project 365 blog. See it here:


I am doing this for several reasons. It seems like a great way to record a year of my personal history. Recording not just the extraordinary events, but day to day things that might slip through the cracks, the ordinary everyday events and happenings….. Also, I hope this will help me get better at taking pictures. If you do something every day for a year it stands to reason that you will get better at it.


I will mostly be taking pictures with my Olympus eVolt 500. I will then upload my photos to my Picasa/google site and post them to my new blog. I think I will star with mostly random photos – sometimes I will use a photo prompt if I have no motivation. Check out these articles on Project 365:

There are more links on my new BLOG….


2 thoughts on “Project 365

  1. You are so good!!! I am being honest with myself from the get-go and admitting that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with that!!! WAHAHAHA! (yes… I am pathetic…. it’s a known fact!) Good luck on your project… and I look forward to seeing your pics!

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