My new gig!

Yay! I was invited to be a staff writter for the “My Scrapbook Art” newsletter! I saw the call and applied with my portfolio of online articles and Doris offered me the position. This happened just 2 weeks after my other invitation to write for DigiShopTalk’s newsletter! I was so excited to be offered that position as well….  I love writing, especially when it comes to writing about my favorite subject – digital scrapbooking. Now you can find my articles at 3 places:

The Daily Scrapper (Senior writer)

Digi Shop Talk Newsletter  (Staff writer)

My Scrapbook Art Newsletter (Staff writer)

I will post links to my latest articles here on this blog – which reminds me, my brand new article on TDS is up as of yesterday – go check it out HERE.

Also, my project 365 blog has finally been update. My son borrowed my camera and cord and it took about a week for me to get the cord back after he kept leaving it at his office. I still took the photos, though, so go take a look HERE.

I guess my love for writing and photography have put my designing on the back burner, right next to my love for making scrapbook pages. Now if I can get them to all be on the front burners at the same time… I know, quite impossible, but I miss scrapping and designing. I think it has to do with my slow computer and how miserable it is to work in Photoshop lately. That alone saps all my energy and turns an hour into 5 hours in scrapping time. Oh, if I could only just have unlimited wealth, I could get the computer of my dreams, along with the software of my dreams…. CS4… oh, if only…..


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