“My Scrapbook Art” has a newsletter!

YAY!!! The newsletter is ready!!!!! My Scrapbook Art has a brand new newsletter that is FREE!!!!

Come on over and sign up for this amazing newsletter – the home page has the link for signing up. 

The best news is that I was chosen to be a staff writer for this monthly newsletter and the first issue has my newest article! This newsletter is absolutely free, and so very worthwhile – subscribe today so you won’t miss out!!!


Digi Shop Talk’s April issue of their newsletter is out and I have another new article in there, too! This newsletter is huge and so beautiful – check it out HERE – and it’s also FREE!!!

All digital scrapbook enthusiasts should subscribe to these two newsletters, along with checking out “The Daily Scrapper” – an on-line digital newspaper – some of the best content on the web! I am the Senior Writer and along with all the other talented writers and designers, we are so very proud of this online publication!

Don’t worry – each of these publications never publish copies of articles – only originals! So there won’t be the same info copied around the web, only fresh, new articles for your perusing pleasure! There is so much talent in our industry and so many things to learn… Come and check out all the fun!


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