Holidays In Hand – 2009

I am taking a FREE class at that helps keep you organized for the holidays. This class is free and today is the last day for registering, so rush over HERE to register and follow along!

The first assignment is to write your values and goals for the holidays this year. You really have to take the class to see what’s coming – and it’s great!

Here are my goals and values for this year:

  1. To spend more quality time with my family during this upcoming holiday season. This is the most important thing to me this year because Brittany is leaving to go to school a few days after Christmas and I want her to have some great holiday memories to take with her.
  2. I want to instill the importance of serving others in my kids. We always buy Thanksgiving dinners for 2 less fortunate families in our church family and deliver them on Thanksgiving morning. I want my kids to feel the joy of giving to those less fortunate and carry on this tradition.
  3. I feel the need to spread the Christmas joy this year. I have been feeling down for the last few months and I am tired of it. I am now ready to change my attitude and get up and get going with a renewed spirit and a joyful heart. Remembering others is the best way to stop feeling sorry for myself and start to recover.
  4. Remembering all that my Savior has done for me in my life. Christmas is about the birth of Christ, and that is what I want my family to remember. Giving gifts to other is one way to share the love our Heavenly Father has for us, but remembering His gift to us is so important to me.
  5. Some things I want to do: reorganize, focus, reconnect, devote, worship, sing, love, give thanks, de-stress, have fun.
  6. This season is a great way to start making new changes in my life. I want to feel better, and this gives me a jump start to change everything in my life that I don’t like right now. I am ready and willing to make the changes and sacrifices it will take to get my life back on track and myself feeling better.

Assignment #2

I am committing to include at least 20 minutes of recording/writing/photographing/savoring/printing/gluing/scrapbooking/remembering/slowing down EVERY DAY in December! I have a few weeks to get ready for this. Here are a few ways I will be preparing to do this:

  1. Making sure that my camera cards are cleaned off and ready for taking photos.
  2. Stocking up on some scrapbooking supplies. (I don’t really have much of the traditional kind yet!)
  3. Starting on making my “December Daily” album – now that my supplies I ordered are here, I am beginning to put it together so all I have to do in December is start journaling and placing photos!
  4. Making a special place to do all of these things – most likely in my office, and on my desk, but I need to clean it off a bit first!
  5. Getting out my Christmas music to play while I do most of these tasks. I want to completely immerse myself in this holiday season to get the most out if it. I am ready to make this Christmas the best yet for my family. I want them to know that being with them and feeling the holiday spirit as a family is important to me. My family holiday memories are so precious to me and I want to make some more of these memories.
  6. Jessica Sprague shared THIS site with our class, and I am so excited about this! I am going to print out the planner pages and make a binder to get myself organized this season. I am also going to make 3 more of these binders for the sweet sisters that I visit teach.
  7. Shopping for my holiday baking. Some of the sweetest memories of holidays past include baking with my mom. She has the best recipes and I want to share these with my family this year.
  8. Decorating. This year I am going to decorate my house with ALL my Christmas decorations. I want my home to feel festive and invoke the warm feelings every time I walk in the door. This will help lift my mood and make it easier for my family to feel the holiday spirit this year.

That’s it! I will document my next steps here on my blog as I go.

See you soon!


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