2nd Day of Gratitude

As I found out about the death of my friend’s sister today, I have thought about all my loved ones who have had cancer in my life. First one I can remember was my very best friend. She died of brain cancer at the age of 18, and it had a profound affect on me. I sat with her often for 10 weeks while she lay in a coma after her biopsy. I was so relieved in a way when she passed, but so sad at the prospect of never having her during this life. A few years later, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through all kinds of grief and pain for years. Then, my sister came down with cervical cancer, and luckily was treated and cured, but with terrible side effects ever since. My mom was again diagnosed with breast cancer after 10 years and had another mastectomy – but she is alive and well still today, thanks to early detection. My dad was not so lucky, as his prostate cancer was not caught in time and after 2 years of suffering, he passed away 10 years ago.

Cancer sucks, and to think of all the technology in the world today, and yet… people are still dying of breast cancer. My friend’s sister had it for 6 years and passed away a few days ago. She was a great example of a loving and giving person. I also had a friend years ago who was diagnosed with breast cancer while nursing her newborn baby, but it was too late to treat and she passed away at the young age of 33. Why can’t we get rid of this disease for good? Why does it still have to take so many lives?

So, today I am grateful to still have my mom living – and she has been through so many trials with her health, but she is still hanging in there, and still spunky. If it wasn’t for her first mammogram during her routine physical due to her turning 50, they never would have caught her first tumor in time, and we would have lost her so many years ago.

Here’s to you, mom – I love you and I am so grateful for you in my life. You are my hero!

My oldest daughter, Misty, with my mom, Sue


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