3rd Day of Gratitude

Today has been very eventful. After spending the first half of the day at various health appointments, I cut my finger while cutting my sandwich in the kitchen. I immediately felt a burning sensation shoot through my finger and then I lost most of the feeling in that finger. The cut was small and more of a puncture wound at the base of my ring finger on my left hand, but it gaped open when I straightened it out and I decided to go see if I needed stitches. The scariest part is that I cut the nerve and the Dr. said I might not ever get the feeling back, but that I should know in about 6 months if the nerve heals. Now I have 2 stitches, a splint, and a mostly numb finger, but boy does it hurt where the cut is….

Today I m grateful for a few things – I am so grateful that my cut is small and that I did not cut the tendon and need surgery. I can still move my finger and that is a good thing. I am also grateful for the spell checker on my computer – otherwise this post would be very much unreadable! I am so grateful for my  health insurance. Since I only have a $10 co-pay, it’s nice that I don’t have to second guess myself when things like this occur. I almost didn’t go in to have it checked, but with health insurance, it would be stupid not to, and now infection will probably not be a problem.

Have a great night and don’t use sharp knives!

My owie finger


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