My journey…

My weight loss journey has reached it’s 7 month mark. I have lost a total of 90 pounds and have just a few more pounds to go until I get to my goal weight. It has been quite a journey, unlike any other weight loss plan I have ever attempted before (and there have been many 🙂 This time, the results are unreal and the hunger under control. I have undergone many changes – not just the weight and inches lost (and the hair loss), but the fact that my head is having a hard time adjusting to the changes going on with my body. I don’t recognize my own reflection in the mirror, I look at my clothes and think that they are way too small to fit me, yet when I put them on, they are too big… I think my mind will need more time to catch up with my body. But, I have had to make major changes in my eating and lifestyle so that this time the weight loss is permanent. I eat foods that are very low in fat, but high in protein, I take many vitamins daily, and I am working out – in fact, I am training to run a 5K in November.

So, all these changes are good for me, and I love how I feel! I can do so much more physically than I could even just 6 months ago. I never thought I would ever be able to run again, or last a full hour at Zumba class! I love to go clothes shopping now – something I hated for years… And, I now have to take better care of my skin and hair as it changes daily. So, that’s a good thing! I count my blessings daily and thank my Heavenly Father for all He has done for me. He answers my prayers and He does it in His own way – which always works out to be just perfect. He has granted my a second chance with my health and I am taking full advantage of it this time around. I know that I need to take better care of myself if I want to feel better as I age and not end up with multiple heath problems.

The time to change is now – the way to change is to dive right in and make it happen. Stop procrastinating when it comes to your health and your future!


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