November is here – Month of Gratitude!

As we round out the end of 2011, I look forward to Thanksgiving this year and spending time with my family. I am so GRATEFUL for my sweet family – every one of them!

Today I am grateful for my husband… I have the most amazing husband, who is so selfless and caring and always works hard to take care of his family. He amazes me with the amount of love he has for me and the kids. I knew he was the one for me when I first heard him talk about his mother. And when he spoke to her on the phone, his voice was full of love and respect. I knew right then that he had a special quality that would be a shining example to our children. I am so much more in love with him today than ever before. He is my number one supporter and champion for the cause of our family. He is a wonderful example to me and the kids of what it is to be a hard worker, a man of God, a humble servant who does whatever it takes to serve the Lord, and a super terrific grandpa! He is kind, compassionate, loving, and respectful to others. He even treats the bad guys he meets at work everyday with respect. I remember the first time I went on a ride-along with him. I was astonished with how he dealt with the public. He spoke to everyone with a kind manner and really treated them as people, not criminals. He used to deal with a lot of homeless people, so he would gather coats and socks and pass them out to people when it got cold. He thinks about the needs of others all the time.

So, please take a minute today and let me know what you are grateful for this first day of November. Let’s make it a daily habit to share our gratefulness with each other and say a quick thank you to our Heavenly Father who blesses us with so much!


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