Gratitude Journal – Day 6 – My Faith…

I was raised knowing that I am a child of God and that has made my life sweet. No amount of challenges or trials will ever shake my faith in my Heavenly Father. No scientific “proof” or evidence will ever change the fact that we were created by God, our Father, and that the bible and book of Mormon are truly inspired words of God. I am so grateful today that I have faith. It may be simple faith, but it is faith all the same. I have faith that God watches over us and answers our prayers – sometimes not the way we would like, but He does answer them. I have learned over the years that all I have to do is humbly ask and I will get my answer. God knows my heart and He knows me personally. This simple faith has brought me through some very tough trials and made me stronger. My faith in Jesus Christ has given me the sweet gift of forgiveness through true repentance. I love my faith and would love to share it with you. My faith is a way of life, not just a momentary thing. I love my life!


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