Gratitude Journal – Day 9 – Blessings…

Today I am grateful for so many blessings. I am astonished at how many things in my life are such wonderful blessings from God. I know that if we are good, honest people that we are blessed with other good honest people in our lives. These things happen so often – a friend calls to say they love you, a neighbor brings your dog home for you, people serving people – these are blessings.

Yesterday, my daughter got a flat tire on her car. We took it in to Costco and they replaced her tire for free. They could have charged us for a new one, because it has been a while since we purchased that tire, but they insisted on replacing it at no charge. Maybe it was because we are loyal customers and have purchased all our tires from them. It seems like we receive little blessings on a daily basis, some are very tender mercies. I have learned to recognize these small gifts from God as we receive them, because I always feel it in my heart. I also know that the more positive our attitude is in life, the more abundant our blessings can be. Most of the time, all we have to do is ask – but sometimes I feel blessings come without even asking. Of course, not all my prayers are answered with abundance, but they are answered with some kind of blessing, and for that… I am very grateful.


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