Gratitude Journal – Day 10 – Hope…

Today I am grateful for having hope. In the face of adversity, trials, challenges and hard times, it helps to have hope in the future, and a hope in what’s to come will be better than what is now. Hope is a positive attitude that you will survive. Optimistic hope brings a light to the end of the tunnel, a perspective of a bright future and helps you get through the day. I have been blessed with hope most of my life, and while going through trials I have leaned on the hope that I have in the plan of salvation and the hope that my Savior has given me. I know that if I can take my challenges and learn from them and serve others while being challenged, that my life will become better for having gone through the trial. It never seems like it when we are faced with a challenge, but it kicks in after the self pity starts to get old. I know that having hope has helped me get through so many trials, and for that… I am grateful.


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