Gratitude Journal – Day 12 – My Siblings…

Today I am grateful for my siblings. I have 5 older brothers and one younger sister and most of us live with an hour of each other. We have grown closer as we grew up and are really close friends now. All of our children got to grow up together as well, and now their children and growing up together with their cousins. What a blessing it is for them to have such a big, extended family. We love to get together and have family dinners and celebrations, usually at our mom’s house. We are getting closer to Thanksgiving and I am really looking forward to spending time with my big family. I wish we could be closer to my husband’s family, too, but most of them live in Hawaii and we will get to see them in July for our family reunion over there. Family means everything to me and I fell so blessed to have such a big loving family still mostly living. We cherish the moments we spend together and I get to see all my sweet nieces and nephews. What a wonderful blessing!


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