Gratitude Journal – Day 15 – My Dad…

Today I am grateful for my dad. He was such a great influence in my life, and I miss him dearly. He has been gone for 11 years now, and the pain still feels fresh. My dad was the most interesting man in the world. He had so many talents, spoke many languages, lived in many countries, had many jobs, and could fix anything. He had his engineering degree and worked on large computerized machines that controlled operations at different companies throughout his life. But, the one job he had for 42 years was that of a gunsmith. He could fix any gun, as well as build them from scratch. At one point, he has a little gun shop in El Cajon, CA where he worked full time. My sister and I would go down there during the summer and just hang out. It was great fun and we always found something to do – either helping him, or playing outside – great times. There are so many stories I could write about my dad’s life, but that will have to wait for another day.

My dad was very intelligent and loved to read. He would often be reading a book, watching a documentary on TV and holding a conversation with someone at the same time. I used to marvel at the way he could concentrate with so much going on. He served a mission in Denmark, the land where his mother was born. He lived in Mexico City, Caracas Venezuela, and many other places around the world. He could answer most questions on any subject, but if you had a question about guns, politics, or religion, you had to be prepared to listen to him go on for hours…. oh the memories! He loved his kids and grandkids so much. He was kind, generous, loving, smart and honest. He treated everyone with respect and loved to serve others. He will always be a large part of my life and will always be in my heart….  and for that, I am very grateful.


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