Gratitude Journal – Day 17 – My job…

Today I am grateful for my job. I was unemployed for2 years after I was laid off from my last job, and looked for a new job. It was getting to the point of being ridiculous, because not even retail stores would hire me, even though I had many years of retail management experience. I applied for hundreds of jobs during that time and only had a handful of interviews, most of which I was told that I was over qualified. I did have an independent contract job during my time of unemployment, where I did presentations for the State of California, but it was few and far between, even though the money was good. That contract ran out really quick, and I was left looking for a job again real soon. I knew that I could do almost anything having to do with computers or administration, but the jobs just weren’t there. I finally found a job while searching online that I knew I could do easily, and they hired me. I have now been at my current job for 17 months, and the best part about my job is that I only work 4 days a week, leaving me a 3 day weekend every week! I find my job a bit boring, but it is good for me to learn new things as I perform SEO (search engine optimization) and other website maintenance. I wish I could use all my experience in graphic design and computer programming, but I only do some HTML and other basic skills for now. It was hard for me to take a job where I earned far less than I was used to, but I feel luck to have a job so close to home, that Is very kick back and relaxed. I really have nothing to complain about and get along with everyone at work. So, today I am grateful for my job and hope it will last me for a while longer.


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