Gratitude Journal – Day 19 – My new habit…

I have now officially finished my Couch to 5K training program that leads up to my 5K on Thanksgiving day, the Oceanside Turkey Trot. I have been training for 9 straight weeks and even though I started off barely being able to run for 90 seconds, I have worked my way up to running for a solid 30 minutes, and the last week of training was up and down hills. I can now say that I have started a brand new habit – running – and not because I have to run, but because I want to run. You might even say that all I am really doing is jogging, because  my speed is pretty slow, but it’s still running considering I have never run before, so it’s a lot faster than walking for me. I was never able to run before because of a few reasons; my weight, my flat feet, and my asthma. Since losing a lot of weight, my asthma is gone, and my feet don’t hurt anymore. So, I decided to push myself physically to bring my health and fitness to the next level. A few  years ago, I used to go to the gym 5 days a week and even had a trainer for 3 of those days who would push me on all the machines, but especially on the treadmill, which I hated with a passion. I hated it because it was so difficult for me and my whole body always hurt during and after, and my asthma would always act up. I loved everything else about my gym training except the treadmill. I decided to kick start my new health program by facing the one thing I hated so much; running. Now that I have conquered my fear and loathing of running, I feel so accomplished and am looking forward to this 5K as well as many more in the future. It’s also given me some great one-on-one time with my husband who I drag to run with me and he is running in the 5K as well. This new habit feels better all the time… and for that I am grateful.


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