Gratitude Journal – Day 20 – Sundays…

Today I am so grateful for Sundays, my day of rest. Sundays are great because not only do I get to sleep in a bit, but I get to spend the day with my family and go to church. We all love going to church, so it’s a real family treat. It’s wonderful to feel the Spirit and listen to the guidance and word of the Lord. It’s also great to see my church friends and visit for a minute or two. Church is something I do for myself and my family, and it’s nourishing and fulfilling. Tonight we were able to attend the Temple Worker’s Devotional where we were addressed by the new temple presidency and their wives. It was amazing, and wonderful to see some old friends from many years ago, even if we had to drive over an hour each way in the raining downpour! I love my life! I love all the goodness that our church brings into our lives… and I am very grateful this day.


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