Gratitude Journal – Day 24 – 5K – First of many…

Well, it’s finally here – Thanksgiving day! That means that I woke up at 5 am to get ready for my first EVER 5K run – the Oceanside Turkey Trot! We left at 6:30 to get there early enough to pick up our bibs and timing chip and to warm up and stretch. It was a record breaking turnout with over 8,00 participants! I felt great during the entire race and by that, I mean “slow and steady” as I am a very slow runner – even some walkers passed me up! HAHA! Well, I am still very happy with my results, as I ran the entire time without any walking and kept my pace steady and felt like I could have kept running when I finished!! My hubby was with me the whole time and ran slow so we could stay together. Here are my results:

Place DivP SexP Name            S A  Location        NetTime  Pace  GunTime   Bib
 3635  133 1962 Joy Kuoha       F 50 Murrieta          46:46 15:02  1:01:19  3108

Not too shabby for my first time! I’m sure my time will improve by the next race I enter. We finished and then got a medal, our goody bags and t-shirts to commemorate the event. I am so glad that I decided to enter the race and the 10 weeks of training really paid off!

I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving day and got to spend time with your loved ones. We had dinner at my mom’s house with 3 of my kids, 2 of my grandkids, my mom, one brother and Sis-in-law, 2 nephews and their boys, and there were many of the family who could not make it. I only ate a tiny bit of food as I was kind of nauseated from running and tasting some great food before dinner time! I am so grateful for my family and all we have been blessed with. I am so proud of my daughter, Misty, and the way she takes care of my mom with love in her heart and kindness in her actions. That is something that my mom has been missing in her life and she is so truly happy now… and for that, I am very grateful!


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