It’s been a while… updates!

OK, so I started blogging again at the beginning of the year, only to let it go again. I have been soooo busy, with work, family, getting 2 kids off on their missions, and still losing weight and exercising, that blogging has been the farthest thing from my mind lately.

To catch you all up, I had weight loss surgery on March 2, 2011 and have subsequently lost 124 pounds. We ran in the Oceanside Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day, it was hard, but we ran non stop at about 45 minutes total for the 5k.

My son, Jacob received his mission cal in December to Costa Rica, and my daughter, Brittany received her mission call in January to Salt Lake South, and the both reported to the MTC in April. It has been a huge adjustment for us to have them both gone a t the same time, the the blessings are incredible! You can check out their blogs and catch up on how they are doing here: and We have the missionaries from our ward now living in our casita, so that has been a fun adventure as well!

We just returned home from our 2 week vacation to Hawaii where we had the Lum family reunion. It was great fun, even though lot’s of family members did not attend for one reason or another, it was still a success. We took our 11 year old  grandson, Lucius with us and it was his first trip to Hawaii and he got to do many things he has never done before. His favorite activity was boogie boarding for hours on end, but he really enjoyed snorkeling at Haunama Bay, hiking Diamond Head, visiting the Arizona Memorial, shopping at the Aloha Stadium swap meet, visiting the Dole plantation, getting shave ice at Matsumoto’s and other places, and most of all eating authentic Hawaiian cuisine! It was great seeing so many family members and meeting family I never knew before, so thanks to all who came and participated in the reunion.

Another thing – I am now a Director in a company called ViSalus. This company is amazing and their products have changed my life. Their core product is their shake mix which is a sweet cream flavor that takes on other flavors of whatever you mix with it. it is so DELICIOUS!!! You can check out my recipe site at and choose which one you want to make first! You can order the shake mix from my website at If you are trying to lose weight, you will need to replace 2 meals a day with the shakes, if you are trying to maintain your weight, you will need to replace one meal a day with a shake, and if you are trying to add lean muscle, you just need to add a shake a day to your meal plan – easy as pie! Let me know if you want more information or just go to my website above to watch the short video. I know you can have success like my family has had – Seth ash lost 42 pounds, Jacob has lost 60 pounds, and Misty has lost 27 pounds – but the most amazing transformation is my mom – she has lost 30 pounds just sitting in her recliner all day watching tv – she never exercises, only takes short walks once in a while.

You can see more before and after photos here:


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