What a great day!

On Friday, I spent the day with my two oldest sons, Chris & Tony, who both came great distances to San Diego to visit with their family. Chris came from Maui, Hawaii, and Tony came from San Antonio, Texas. Both of my sons were able to spend the entire day with me! I was totally surprised by Chris, who I did not know was going to be in town, so it was a great day! I love my boys so much and loved spending so much time with them. It was great to be all together with my mom, as well! I just wish that all of my kids could be together at the same time – but that will happen soo, when the 2 youngest get home from their missions. Until then, here are some pics of our day!


20121207_115044 20121207_124013 20121207_115401 20121207_115358 20121207_115339 20121207_115336 20121207_115300 20121207_115209 20121207_115156 20121207_115151 20121207_115051


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