Sparkling Cranberry Brie Bites

I made these delectable appetizers that I found on Pinterest here for a Christmas party we went to this weekend. They were understandably a big hit, as they are not only beautiful, but so delicious! They were relatively easy to make – but were very time consuming… haha!

A few notes about the recipe… I could not find any “Cranberry Chutney” anywhere, so I purchased a pint of “Cranberry Orange Salad” from the deli and put it in my food processor with a tablespoon of sugar and chopped it up pretty fine. I should have purchase a little bit more, though, as I was running low… Also, I did not purchase enough Brie, so I had to skimp on the cheese for each cracker. Next time, I will purchase smaller crackers, as well… I did not want to stop eating these, they were that good! I took forever to roll the cranberries in the sugar and take them out one by one and place them on a baking sheet to dry… It took the full hour for them to dry enough to harden up for placing on the crackers.

I couldn’t believe how delicious they were with the small mint leaves – it gave them such a fresh flavor! I will make sure to get more mint next time, as well!

You can find the recipe and original photos here, and my own personal photos are below:



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