Summer Journal

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I came across this post, SOUL CARE SUMMER, about a Summer Journal and questions to be answered with one paragraph that only takes one minute to write… So very interesting! I thought I would start today to see if I can keep up with it this summer, along with my other projects… ie; my Project 365/52 weekly scrapbook page, my reading of the Book of Mormon during the summer, my physical therapy, and my working out to get stronger everyday during the summer, not to mention my ever-so-slowly tanning (using sunscreen) to give my legs a little bit of color… So, what’s another summer project? Oh, and my plans to keep a garden and update the front and back  yards… haha!

Okay, so here goes with day #1:

1 - how can I make things better today

Question: How can I make things better today?

Today I can help someone else to feel better about themselves, to smile at them and compliment them and offer to help them with anything they need. I often get compliments about my weight loss, and I always say thank you and try to return a compliment so I feel like we are even. Now, I am going to try to give more compliments freely, and more smiles. I want others to feel loved, special, acknowledged, and important – some vital feelings to everyone’s soul. If I can do that today (and I already did at church), I will smile inside as I see others smile at me, knowing that my plan is working and I have done my part…

Want to journal along with me? Go to the link above and see the question of the day and just journal your paragraph on your blog, or in your journal, or whatever way is best for you! Let me know if you are joining me with this summer journaling!

Lots of love!


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